Mini Manors

A Black Ink Rendering of a Childhood Home or New Home

A Black Ink Rendering of a Childhood Home or New Home

““Love Grows Best in little houses,
with fewer walls to separate.
Where you eat and sleep so close together,
you can’t help but communicate.
And if we had more room between us,
think of all we’d miss.
Love Grows best in little houses just like this.
- Doug Stone

Looking for the perfect present for a beloved family member or house warming? Then look no further … give them an ink drawing of their home.

“What a thoughtful gift! Especially, for those who are moving into assisted living and can’t take much with them.”

- Paulette (Fort Saskatchewan, AB. Canada)

“It’s a warm reminder for parents and siblings of their childhood home and for those who suffer with Dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

- Marilyn (Airdrie, AB. Canada)

The Mini Manor Series was inspired by Melissa’s love of her own small and full family home. One day, Melissa reflected back upon one of the last times she had visited a sick family member living in an assisted care facility. She remembered looking upon the walls of the extremely small room and had taken account of the few remaining possessions that were left in the loved one’s life. What was left was enough to fill a small cardboard box.
The small photos and tiny paintings that lined the white hospital walls were all there to serve as reminders of past memories. Pictures of friends, family and the homes in which they all lived in. There were little houses where many of the memories were made. The good and the bad, happy and sad all contained within the four walls.

ALL Mini Manors are hand drawn in fine black archival ink and on acid free paper. The starting size of a “Simple” Mini Manor ink drawing is 2x3 inches. PRICES WILL VARY depending upon its size, detail and in some cases drawing multiple structures or “reconstruction” of the house. The Artist must have at least one clear front view photo in order to have a proper rendering of the home. If there are no clear photos available the house must then be “reconstructed” by using multiple reference photos from several different angels or the use of “artistic license”. This can happen when the building is blocked or destroyed due to overgrowth of flora and fauna or the house (parts of the house) no longer exist due to demolition.

AVAILABLE for Purchase(Commissions Only)

Prices: Starting at $40.00* - “Simple” Manor Style* (approx. 2x3 inch house) Prices vary upon size, detail, framing, multiple houses and “reconstruction”. Please see photos for examples of different styles and layouts.

(Please contact artist for more details, quotes and commissions)

Please Note: Prices are subject to change.

Prices do not include postal delivery. Shipping & handling charges may apply.

Note: The “Simple” Mini Manor Style includes…
  • LA small black frame which can be either wall hung or freestanding on a table.
  • The name or address of the house written on paper and placed in a metal name plate
  • LA card of authenticity signed by the artist.
  • Wrapped for transport and protection