Curriculum Vitae

Exhibition & Projects

2022 (April-May) – “Caffeinated Critters” (Solo Show) Revelstoke Public Arts Gallery (Gallery Room 3). Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. Revelstoke, BC Canada

2018 – Present – Voice and Vision Collaboration and Exhibit. Artist. Airdrie, AB Canada. (Exhibitions located at the Airdrie Public Library) Newspapers and Magazines

2018 – Present – STUDIO 52 Project. Artist/Co-founder. Airdrie, AB Canada.

2017 – Present – Random ARTS of Kindness Project. Artist, Founder. Airdrie, AB Canada.

2017/2018 (Nov-Feb) – Bert Church Theater Gallery. Airdrie, AB Canada.

2017 – ‘Watch and Then Act … Moto of a Great Horned Owl’ Oh Canada West Exhibition, Imago Mundi: Luciano Benetton Collection. Venice, Italy.

2016 – Bert Church Theater Gallery. Airdrie, AB Canada

2012 – ‘The Flight Deck Chair’, AIRdrirondack Chair Project. Artist. Airdrie, AB Canada.

2005 – ‘Monsters and Robots’, Ten Minute Happiness Gallery, Calgary, AB Canada.

2005 – Brief Encounters, Calgary Eaton Center, Calgary, AB Canada.

2005 – Inspired Soles, Calgary Eaton Center, Calgary, AB Canada.

2005 – PLE European Tour, The Gold Museum, Saint-Amand, Montrond, France.

2005 – PLE European Tour, Escuela De Arts No.3, Madrid, Spain.

2005 – PLE European Tour, Escola Secundaria Sorres Dos Reis, Porto, Portugal.

2005 – PLE European Tour, The PLE Conference, Piescherra, Italy.

2004 – Mistletoe & Martinis, Hyatt Inn Downtown, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – Artrageous 3, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – Oh What to Wear? Step into My Wardrobe!, Art Central, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – ACAD Open House, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – Bra…vo!, Calgary Eaton Center, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – H’ attire: ARBI Fundraiser, Calgary Golf and Country Club, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – H’ attire, Calgary Eaton Center, Calgary, AB Canada.

2004 – Mistletoe & Martinis, Calgary Eaton Center, Calgary, AB Canada.

2003 – Bra…vo!, Calgary Eaton Center, Calgary, AB Canada.

2003 – ACAD Open House, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB Canada.

2002 – Revisiting the Jack Pine, Augustana University College, Camrose, AB Canada. (solo)

2001 – Augustana Art Exhibit, Chandlers Art Gallery, Camrose AB, Canada.

2001 – Student Art Show, Augustana University College, Camrose, AB Canada.

Newspapers and Magazines

2020, February 26 – Studio 52 Announces New Project for 2020, Kelsey Yates, The Airdrie Echo (Pg.16 Arts & Life)

2020, February 19 – Artist Creates Paintings Fuelled by Caffeine, Kelsey Yates, The Airdrie Echo (Pg.11 Arts & Life)

2019, September 11 - Local Artist Adds to a Chalk Installation , Kelsey Yates (Photograph)

2019 - Airdrie Life Magazine: Volume 16 (No.3) Collaborative Art “Best Dressed Nest Competition”. Page 77.

2017, May 4 – Artwork Out and About, Ben Sherick , Discover Airdrie.

2017, August 16 - Artists drop surprises for Airdrie Residents, Chelsea Kemp, The Airdrie Echo (Pg. 25 Arts & Life)

2018, May 2 – The Lowdown – Melissa Bruglemans-LaBelle’s time is now, Tim Lowing, The Airdrie Echo (Pg.15 Arts & Life)

2017, December 29 – Former Fort Resident Creates Gord Downie out of Coffee, Leanne Delong, Fort Sask Online.

2017, December 21 – Artist Humbled by Hometown Support, Jeff Labine, Fort Saskatchewan Record (pg.34 News)

2017, December 14 – Our Town: Random ARTS of Kindness coming to a rice aisle near you, Jacquie Moore, Swerve the Calgary Herald.

2017, August 17 – Artist Leaves Random ARTS of Kindness, Dustin Ruth, Airdrie City View (pg.13)

2016, November 15 – Craft Fair, Blake Jeffrey, Rocky View Weekly (pg.10)

2016, October 06 – Picnic Painting, Christina Waldner, Airdrie City View (pg.11)

2016 September 18 – How a Picnic Table Creates Community, Dave Maffitt, Volunteer Airdrie

2016, September 15 – Artful Airdrie, Dustin Ruth, Airdrie City View (pg.1)

2016, May 26 – More artists needed for picnic table project, Nina Grossman, The City View

2015, August 12 – Local Artists Showcase Internationally, Dustin Ruth, The Airdrie Echo (pg.16)

2012, September 5 – Sharing Their Passion, Carolyn McTighe, The Airdrie Echo (pg.16)

2012, February 8 – Artists Announced for AIRdirondack 2012, Carolyn McTighe, The Airdrie Echo (pg.19)

2006, April 23 – Flaming ‘C’ Sets City on Fire, Kevin Udahl, The Calgary Sun (pg.5 News)

2005, August – Dogged Assistant, Carlos Amat, The Calgary Sun

2005, November 13 – Benefit in Brief, Blaine Schlechter, The Calgary Sun (pg.8 Showtime)

2005, October 23 – Shorts Stuff, Bill Brooks, The Calgary Sun (pg.8 Showtime)

2005, October 9 – Making Short Work of It, Tara Merrin, the Calagry Sun (pg.12-13 Showtime)

2005, October 7 – Boxer Event No Brief Encounter, Lorraine Hjalte, The Calgary Herald (pg. C16)

2004, November 2 – ‘Wearable Art’ Students to Show Avant-garde Works, Joanne Sasviari, The Calgary Herald (pg. D2)

2003, October 5 – Moral Support, Luanne Cervelli, The Calgary Sun (pg.12-13)

Artist Biography

Melissa was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. The majority of her works primarily focuses on painting, drawing and other mixed media which have been on display both nationally and internationally. Her work is characterized as being thoughtful towards the emotion and the energy of motion of her subject matter.

In the past much of Melissa’s work was focused mostly oil paintings which included the use of bright, contrasting colors, fine details and interesting perspective angles. Her Current Artwork, however, seems to have taken quite a shift as her use of medium has changed from oil pints to liquid Coffee. Yes, you read it correctly…COFFEE. The use of coffee as Melissa’s main “painting” medium has given her some stunning surprises and some interesting new challenges along the way.

Painting with Coffee allowed Melissa to tap into its warmth and fluidity as a new medium while forcing her let go of some of the traditional thought and details that she had learned from painting with oils. Coffee was relatively unheard of as a painting medium and the fact that it constantly moves, pools, splatters and dries makes it somewhat unpredictable. Melissa had to allow the coffee go where IT wanted to go. It forced her to come to grips with the fact that she could not have absolute control over her medium, and that her subjects image would never reveal themselves to the point where her traditional self as an oil painter. She was to embrace the uniqueness of her new medium and the unpredictability of its flow and outcome. Coffee allowed her to become more drawn to the use of negative space, motion and of course the use sepia tones found in coffee.

After three years of painting and “studying” different coffee techniques she began to gradually bring her love of color back into her artwork. Her latest works now marry the use of coffee along with bits of torn colorful origami rice paper, vintage papers, food wrappers, gold leafing, Swarovski crystals and other found objects/materials.

Melissa received her first BFA from Augustana University College for Studio Art in 2002. Then in 2006 she had received her second BFA for Jewelry/Metals from Alberta Collage of Art and Design. Melissa has voluntarily taken part of many events and fundraising projects. And is currently the Educational Facilitator for the Airdrie Regional Arts Society.

Her most recent achievements include a painting titled “Watch and Then Act … Moto of a Great Horned Owl” in 2017. It is now on permanent display in the Imago Mundi the Luciano Benton Collection: Oh West Canada Collection which currently resides in Italy.

In 2018 Melissa raised and donated $725.00 to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research (In association with the Sunnybrook Foundation) by selling 110 Limited Edition Prints of her coffee painting of the Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip.

She also showcased her work for the first time at the Calgary Stampede Western Art Showcase in July of 2018.

Melissa is currently an active member and co-founder of a small artist group called Studio 52 Project. Established in 2018 Melissa created one piece of artwork every week for an entire year (52 Weeks…52 Coffee Paintings). After a year these artworks were then put on public display and sale in and annual one time only show. Melissa has currently completed two rounds (years) of the Studio 52 Project. Her first Studio 52 week collection that was completed in 2018 was titled 52 Cups of Coffee. Followed immediately afterwards in 2019 by her second Studio 52 collection titled 52 Cups of Coffee 2GO. The 2019’s Studio 52 Project’s Annual Reveal & Sale was introduced and presented as the Arts and Culture Representatives for the 2020 Alberta Winter Games hosted in Airdrie Alberta, Canada.

She currently lives in Airdrie as a wife and mother of two young, extremely active boys. She runs a small business called of Touch of Paint Advertising where her commissioned works include fine art paintings, wall murals, window paintings and more for both commercial and residential uses.
Formal Education

2006 – BFA Jewelry and Metals from Alberta College of Art and Design. Calgary, AB Canada.

2002 – BFA Studio Art from Augustana University College. Camrose, AB Canada.

Awards, Honors, Grants & Scholarships

2021 (June) – “Coffee Break” 3rd Place National Winner of the Faces of Healthcare Art Competition by HeathPro Canada. Online National

2017 – Second Place Arts Wars: Airdrie Regional ARTS Society

2005 – Third Place Brief Encounters: Prostate Cancer Fashion Show. The Core Calgary Eaton Center

2003 – Second Place Bra…vo!: Brest Cancer Fashion Show. The Core Calgary Eaton Center

2003 – Jason Lang Scholarship

2002 – Millennium Bursary

2000 – Augustana University College Critics Choice Award


2022 - Voice and Vision Collaboration Vol.7

2021 - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? The Misadventures of Lola and Sad Gary BOOK ONE. (Illustrator)

2021 - Voice and Vision Collaboration Vol.6 (participant and featured cover artist)

2020 - Voice and Vision Collaboration Vol.5

2019 - Voice and Vision Collaboration Vol.4 (pg.

2018 – Voice and Vision Collaboration Vol.3 (pg.10 & 33)

2017 – Oh West Canada! Contemporary Artists from Western Canada, Imago Mundi (pg.90-91)

2006 – Brief Encounters Calendar (August), Easy Access, The Core Group

2005 – Impressions: Moving the Surface, Brain Press

2000 – No Time Soon, Augustana Student Arts Press