Week 1/52 : Prelude to Dawn


52 Cups of Coffee

Week 1/52: Prelude to Dawn


Prelude (noun)

 an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.

Its January 1st,2018 and while others make resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more or kick a filthy habit I make a commitment to paint one painting a week for an entire year (52 weeks=52 paintings). Its called STUDIO 52.

My focus for the Studio 52 project is a rather simple one… recently; I began painting with coffee…Yes, Coffee. Because this this a relatively new medium for me to explore and that there are very few artists who work with it on a professional level, I felt that it would be a perfect way for me to see how far I can take this rather unusual material.

To know what I am up for is to understand my past experiences and struggles with my art. Much of my previous artworks usually involve bright bold colours, fine details along with much added stress and doubt in myself and my talent. Since working with coffee I discovered that I’ve come across certain limitations and surprising liberations. My color pallet or lack there of is one. The sepia tones of coffee forces me to find ways of bringing life, light, warmth and energy without the world Color. I am also limited by my use of detail. Coffee is definitely NOT PAINT I can not make it thick enough to build up and the fact that it lifts off and moves constantly makes detailing nearly impossible (especially on small scale). Since I had started painting with coffee it has literally been forcing me to leave my need for perfection at the door and throwing caution to the wind.

My goal is to paint one small painting each week out of coffee. To experiment with drips, spills, splatters and strokes. Coffee rings, washes and the use of different “painting tools” will also be utilized. All in an effort to becoming more familiarized with this unconventional and unpredictable medium.

I guess the best sort of plan is to have no true plan at all.

52 weeks…52 Cups of Coffee.

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