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-Project Running Date: January 1st 2018-December 31st 2018-

Co-Founder, Artist

Here’s the rundown…

5 Brilliant Artists

52 Fabulous Weeks

260 Amazing Pieces of Artwork…

1 Must-see Show in January 2019!

What started as a random conversation amongst friends a few months ago has blossomed into this incredible project.

5 artists, myself included, have made a commitment to each other to complete one small painting a week for the next year. Each of us will be exploring a unique theme that we have chosen for our own project. After a year of hard work and lessons learned us 5 artists will be displaying our artworks together in one group gallery show and reception. The Date and Location of the Studio 52 Group Gallery Show is still to be determined.

All of my Studio 52 pieces will be for sale at that time.  If you’d like to reserve one, please message me!

Feel free to follow our journey and like the Studio 52 Facebook page at…


Artists Involved in Studio 52

Sharon Shuttleworth : “52 Hours in Black & White”

Cindy Zampa : “Portal 52”

Melissa Bruglemans-LaBelle : “52 Cups of Coffee”

Verone Solilo : (TBA)

Katie Kimber : “52 Coloring Cards (A Year of Occasions to Acknowledge with a Card)



-EST. May 2017-

Founder, Artist, Volunteer and Promoter

Partnered along with The Airdrie Regional Arts Society, I created a small voluntary group project lovingly called Random ARTS of Kindness. This project has also been whole heartedly approved by Airdrie City Hall. It will not only help promote the ARTS Society and its members but also to bring our community together and bring joy into people’s lives.

The Random ARTS of Kindness Project was inspired by an experience I personally encountered where upon finding an abandoned art piece from another artist. This happened at a time when I was quite down about situations that were happening in her life. The concept of this particular project involves abandoning or dropping ones art in public places to be found by random people (aka. Art Drops). The act of doing this Art Drop the Artist, or Giver, is hoping that their art piece would change their outlook on the Receivers day or situation in life.

The Airdrie Regional ARTS Society had celebrated its 10 year Anniversary in 2017 and we felt that this project would also be a wonderful way to spread awareness of the ARTS society to the public. It is a way for the artist to share their work by setting it free to the unsuspecting patron. In this day and age when money is tight and spirits are down, it is a random kind act such as this that can turn ones day completely around. It is a way to encourage folks to stay involved in the arts, bring our beautiful community together and help to brighten someone’s day.

Please Click on the link provided to follow the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society where the Random ARTS of Kindness Project is linked in the groups section to see the latest Art Drops and Finds.


The Mini Manor Collection

Melissa was inspired to create the Mini Manor Series for the love of her own small and full family home. One day she reflected back upon one of the last times she seen her grandmother. Looking upon the walls of the extremely small hospital room she had taken account of the few possessions that were left in her grandmother’s life, which was enough to fill a small cardboard box. The small photos and tiny paintings that lined her walls were all there to serve as reminders of her past memories. Pictures of her family and the homes in which they all lived. These small houses, much like everyone’s home, is where many poignant moments had happened the good and the bad, happy and sad all contained within the four walls.


Love Grows Best in little houses,

with fewer walls to separate.

Where you eat and sleep so close together,

you can’t help but communicate.

And if we had more room between us,

think of all we’d miss.

Love Grows best in little houses just like this.

Be sure to message me personally if you wish to have your childhood home or current home drawn Mini Manor style.

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